I n n o v a t i o n | P a r t n e r s


Innovation Partners patents are currently protecting:

1. The database technology of the world's largest online retailer.

2. The communication technology of the world's largest networking equipment manufacturer.

3. The software of the world's largest manufacturer of high-performance workstations.

4. The internal software structure of the world's largest database manfacturer.

5. The Web technologies that run the world's largest discount brokerage firm.

6. Web animation and Web design technologies of the world's largest document software company.

7. Battery and other technology of Tesla Motors, the high performance electric car company.

8. Industrial solutions of a leading designer of semiconductor fabrication facilities and equipment.

9. Anti-fraud technologies of the world's largest security company.

10. Core business and marketing technologies of the world's largest financial software company.

11. Industrial process technologies of the world's fastest growing smart grid company.

12. Encryption, Web and other software technologies in startups around the country.

13. The operating system technologies that power the Migo, a memory storage device that received one of the

highest accolades ever from Walter Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal technology editor.